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This section is for the do it yourself haunter. Every other week, our rednecked, do it yourselfer, Rigg A. Mortis will give you details and instructions on how to create a new prop for your haunted attraction, home haunt, halloween party, or for whatever you might need it for. He will provide you a detailed list of materials needed, and step by step instructions to create your prop. At the bottom of this page, you will see a picture of the prop when it is finished. If you have any questions about a project he is working on, or have a haunted project you would like him to talk about on the show, drop him an e-mail, and he will get back to you shortly!!

Haunted Prop for July 30, 2014:
Spider Victim

Create an impressive, realistic looking spider
victim cocooned in a giant spider web!

We would like to thank www.wellstattoo.com for giving us
permission to use their "redneck zombie" image.

Chicken Wire
Wig head
Battery-operated hand that moves
Inside of a discarded comforter
Joint compound
Black and green paint

Step 1. Using PVC pipes and joints, create a structure to hang from the ceiling or a tree with a rope. (You will have to tie the rope securely around the PVC pipes.)

Step 2. Attach the wig head and mask to the PVC pipe. I used duct tape to secure the mask to the wig head.

Step 3. Take chicken wire and wrap it around to create a cocoon.

Step 4. Put the (moving) hand outside the chicken wire and run the wire through the inside and out the back. (You'll want to be able to turn the hand on and off and change the batteries after you complete the structure.)

Step 5. Take the padding from inside a comforter (batting) and wrap it around the chicken wire. Secure it with string. (I used fishing wire which is transparent).

Step 6. Take some joint compound and mix it with some black paint. (I added some green paint because most of the spider's eggs around my house seem to be greenish in color.)

Step 7. Take a paint brush and apply the "Monster Mud" over the padding. It will dry to a lighter color.

Step 8. After it dries, apply spiderwebs all over the form. Attach spiders with a hot glue gun.

Step 9. Once you hang it outside, be sure to add more spiderwebs to the area surrounding the victim. Add a giant spider nearby.

Step 10. If you don't have a moving hand, use a strobe light to make it look like the victim s moving.


If you have an easy design for a haunted prop and want to share it on the show, just e-mail me here!